Digestive Wellness - A must-own book for health conscious people
by Lily Azerad-Goldman

“Hello! This is your GI (Gastrointestinal Tract) speaking! Listen to me! You’ll be glad you did!”

The authoritative voice of Elizabeth Lipski, author of the updated edition of Digestive Wellness, comes across clear and strong in communicating to her readers important facts about how to strengthen your immune system and prevent disease through healthy digestion.

From the very onset of the book, Lipski informs her audience that she is not a medical doctor but rather a Nutritionist, who merely recommends natural remedies for arthritis, ulcers, heartburn, diarrhea, IBS, colitis, acid reflux, food sensitivity, and more!

The presentation of the facts ia informal and conversational, however, this does not in any way downgrade the amount of research that went into the writing of this book. What is particularly noteworthy is that you can zoom into your particular ailment, by referring to the reader friendly table of contents or index, without having to read the entire book.

With the withdrawal from the markets of some of the anti-arthritis medicines, her chapter on arthritis is particularly well worth a read and timely. For example, she cites foods that provoke symptoms of arthritis and how to eliminate them and reintroduce them in your diet one at a time.

One study cites that the following foods were responsible for some people, for having their arthritis come back: By order of importance, corn, wheat, bacon or pork, oranges, milk, oats, rye, eggs, beef, coffee, malt, cheese, grapefruit, tomato, peanuts, sugar, and better, etc. Foods with wheat and corn caused problems in more than 50% of the people.

Throughout the book, Lipski suggests to try some of her natural remedies. However, it should always be borne in mind that you always have to consult a medical doctor before attempting to try any of her suggestions. What may be suitable for one person’s system may turn out to be a disaster for another.

Divided into eleven chapters, Digestive Wellness, guides the reader through the hazards of the American way of life, a voyage inside the digestive system, your intestinal flora, dysbiosis, leaky gut syndrome, etc. concluding with a new way of life with natural therapies.

Worthy of note to readers is the self–testing chart that you can use, even if you don’t believe in the author’s therapies.

Gaining control over one’s gastrointestinal mucosa is of utmost importance. Dr. Lipski’sDigestive Wellnessexplains the whole system in a language that’s easy to understand. Her answers or suggestions to your GI problems, albeit not perfect, are worth trying (with your
doctor’s consent of course).

Lily Azerad-GoldmanAs the author indicates in her book, it is no wonder that Dr. Lipski’s Digestive Wellness is the most stolen book from doctors` offices, as it is a valuable health reference text and an interesting read. Lily Azerad-Goldman, is an artist, book reviewer and author. Lily and her husband, Norm, are the web owners of the travel site, sketchandtravel.com, wherein Norm's words are melded with Lily's water colors focusing on romantic and wedding destinations.

Lily also contributes book reviews to Norm's site, Bookpleasures.com. The latter comprises a group of over 25 international prestigious reviewers who review all genres.

Lily's is now working on a children's novel.