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Short, informative, and easy to read articles on nutrition, health, and wellbeing. You can read each article online or download it as a beautifully formatted PDF.
  Innovative Healing Radio Interviews

Radio Interviews

A selection of talks, sorted by topic, from Liz’s many radio shows and interviews
Innovative Healing Videos


On a variety of topics from television, and Innovative Healing productions for the internet. Television Interviews and Podcasts
Innovative Healing Presentations


Presented by Liz Lipski on wellness
Innovative Healing Posters


Useful posters you can print about health, nutrition and exercise.
Innovative Healing Press Releases

Press Releases

Our PR is often filled with useful health information. It's a good way to keep up with what's happening!
Innovative Healing Reference Links

Reference Links

A select list of organizations, companies, and web sites where more information on health and nutrition can be found. Categories are:
  • Nutritional and Herbal Products
  • Professional Organizations
  • Laboratories
  • Associations for Specific Illness
  • Home Laboratory Testing
  • General Organizations