Leaky Gut Syndrome

Leaky Gut Syndrome is synonymous with "increased intestinal permeability". This occurs when the intestinal wall becomes inflamed and irritated, losing its ability to function. The intestinal lining has the important job of allowing nutrients to be absorbed through it, while keeping out inappropriate substances. With Leaky Gut, these inappropriate substances enter the bloodstream, which stimulates the immune system to get rid of them.

This mechanism comes into play in Chronic Fatigue Syndrome. The cells are screaming for nutrients, the immune system is on overdrive, and the digestive system is not working adequately. When digestive mechanisms come back into balance, the body's innate healing capacity is enhanced. Dysbiosis is a term that identifies an imbalance in the 300-400 normal types of bacteria normally found in our intestinal tracts.

New research indicates that some auto-immune diseases, like lupus disease, rheumatoid arthritis, and ankylosing spondilitis, have both bacterial and genetic components. When a person with a specific genetic make-up meets the wrong bacteria, conditions are ideal for auto-immune disarray. Digestive Wellness explores both Dysbiosis and Leaky Gut Syndrome extensively.

This inability often results in health problems in distant organs and tissues, such as: osteo-arthritis, psoriasis, eczema, migraine headaches, candida, and food sensitivities. Initial studies linking Lupus disease with Dysbiosis and genetic factors have shown promise as well.

Faulty Digestion/its effect on the immune system

Due to cancer, AIDS, and auto-immune diseases, much emphasis is placed today on the immune system. But unless the digestive system is functioning correctly, the immune system doesn't get the opportunity to function well either. To put this concept in other words, if the cells cannot get the nutrients that they need and cannot eliminate wastes, then how can the immune system do its job properly?

In the case of people with Leaky Gut Syndrome, the lining of the intestinal tract has lost its paradoxical filtering function. The intestinal lining is supposed to let nutrients through, and to block absorption of other materials. When this fails, food particles get into the bloodstream, the cells are starving for the nutrients but cannot utilize them, and finally the immune system comes in and takes over where digestion has failed. Antibodies engulf and gobble up the food particles, and the cells starve for nutrients.

The function of the digestive tract is to break the food we eat into little teeny weenie bits, small enough so that our cells can use them for energy, growth, maintenance, and repair. The uninterrupted flow of these nutrients into our system is critical to our long-term health.

When we eat poorly, or our digestion becomes blocked or sluggish we compromise the ability of our cells to work efficiently and in a healthful manner. Even though this happens on a cellular level, we feel it. After all, our cells are us (sounds like a famous toy store). This can effect us anywhere in our bodies. For this reason, great digestion is critical to overall health. Without it, we begin to feel ill.

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