Dr. Liz Lipski

A message from Dr. Liz Lipski:

"Because I want you to gain the maximum benefit from the supplements you take I sell only professional grade supplements

"The quality difference between consumer supplements sold in many stores and professional supplements can be quite significant.  You can read more about this in the 'Quality Of Our Products' section below.

"I've arranged for my clients to be able to purchase over 200 major professional brands. You deserve the best and you should have the best."

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Quality Of Our Products

Supplement Shop EastAs a consumer, it’s difficult to know which products and companies offer quality products for the most reasonable costs. Many people find that it’s easier to order products that have been endorsed by an expert, rather than going to a local store.
I have specifically picked out products that are well formulated, use nutrient sources that are easily absorbed and utilized, don’t have binders and fillers that are “anti-nutrients”, and give you great value for your money.

If you currently take a product you like, we usually offer that same product or if not, it’s equivalent. We carry products from over 200 professional lines.

Professional supplement lines have a higher commitment to quality than many consumer brands. Over the last twenty years as the use of dietary supplements has become more widespread, as raw materials are being sourced from all over the world, as world wide agricultural pollution increases, and as many new inexperienced commercial companies are entering the raw materials market, product quality and product safety issues have come to the center of industry, regulatory and consumer concerns.

The companies we endorse comply to the following standards:

  • Independent lab tests to confirm the potency of nutrients and herbs which have been questioned in the research, by media, or by clinicians
  • Certificates of Analysis on the products they carry.
  • Compliance with all relevant industry guidelines, FDA guidelines, State guidelines, European guidelines and other international health agency guidelines for product quality and safety, including safety standards for dioxins, PCB’s, heavy metals, potentially toxic constituents of herbs, as well as standards for potency and quality.
  • Monitoring of research reports and the media for emerging product quality and safety issues.
  • The reporting of adverse events and product quality concerns immediately to manufacturers and requesting prompt follow-up responses.
  • Good Labeling Practices that include appropriate information or warning on possible side-effects and drug-nutrient interactions.
  • Good Ecological practices by avoiding the use of endangered species in their products.
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